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 Queen of Stone

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PostSubject: Queen of Stone   Queen of Stone EmptyWed Sep 17, 2014 6:12 pm

Queen of Stone Medusa__s_garden_by_whyalltheglitter27-d48cf15
Along the eastern edge of the Gore Swamp, one day's march South West of Overna city. The village of Pavv... Population: 300 people
Baerm Loriv | Sun Elf | Ranger
Drakius | Half-Brute | Paladin
Aura Softcoat | Minotaur | Cleric

The people of the village of Pavv were terrified. A gorgon living nearby was bad news! The creature had proven reclusive so far, but men, women, even children who wandered into the dark of the swamp were lost, never to return. Their families mourned them, but had nothing to bury as they were now stone statues, deep in the creature's territory. They had gathered a militia to try and drive the monster away, but of the twelve brave men who went into the woods only one returned, and he was far to terrified to return any time soon.

So a call was sent out. Mercenary, adventurer, knight, or soldier, any who would aid the poor village. The people even banded together to raise enough money for a small reward. Posters had went up in other small towns, and a messenger had even ran the notice to Overna City to be spread throughout the numerous taverns and guilds there. The people were scared and desperate. They tried to go about their lives as usual, but it was obvious that everyone was on edge. Parents clung to their children, shutters and doors were shut tightly, the streets of what used to be a thriving community were barren save for a few people who simply could not stay home any longer.

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Aura Softcoat
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PostSubject: Re: Queen of Stone   Queen of Stone EmptyWed Sep 17, 2014 10:00 pm

Aura reaches the High Priest presiding in Overna, who beckoned her. A grim report he gives.
"We need one of Vilthael's grace present in this place",he indicates a small village on the map on his Great Room wall and speaks of the horrors at length
"There will be mercenaries and adventurers there as the bounty raises and casualties. This foul creature cannot be allowed to harm honest folk of Pavv any longer. I will have you wait in the city here 3 days at this place*gives her a name: Golden Moon Inn* to see if some others called by our fellow Orders are present to accompany you. It is of good standard and food with an honest proprietor"
He concludes, " You were called because your background imparts more safety to you than a possibly more adept member that we may send later. And your piety and humane ways has not been unnoticed, Daughter. It is asked of you to do this. This mark will allow you supplies and some small authority. Goddess Bless and Protect!: *makes sign of benediction over her bowed kneeling form and sends her away*.
She is a little fearful. A gorgon was unlike anything she had personally faced, at least successfully if one counted the juvenile Greatwyrms..

She makes her way to the Inn and decides to tally what she may need for herself and to offer succor for the unfortunates of the village, especially those bereft of family because of the monster. She prays underbreath to the Goddess to bolster her and guide her; as she winds her way to the Inn, asking citizens the way occasionally when a wrong turn is made. It would be an intersting season
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Queen of Stone
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