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 Queen of Stone

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The Queen of Stone
Queen of Stone Medusa__s_Victim_by_WanderlustAngel81
In a small fishing village named Saqqar, a day's march from Overna's capitol, Ebonii City. Men, women, and children have been disappearing for a few weeks. A small band of militia was sent into the wilds nearby to try and find the cause, and in that regard they were successful, though only one managed to return from the band of nearly a dozen men.

The survivor recounted a tale that terrified the village's elders. A cave deep in the woods, surrounded by statues. Within the cave came the singing voice of what the men thought to be a woman. They were proven wrong when the foul beast emerged, her hair hissing in fury and all who looked at her were paralyzed with a fear so great their flesh turned to stone.

That's right adventurer. This town is plagued by a Gorgon. A young one perhaps, but still a danger to all who gaze upon her. Why has she moved to this place? Why is she turning the villagers into lawn ornaments? Who knows, and as the Villagers put it, who cares? She must be stopped before the entire village is petrified.
Reward: Varies, but could include small treasures, and perhaps a new Gorgon shaped weapon? The prize for defeat however is a rock hard body and the powerful head of a gorgon. (Capable of turning enemies to stone).
(at least 2-3 people)
I'm gonna try and do a couple of these every so often, mainly as an excuse to try out the monsters we come up with. If you wanna try the quest solo feel free, or if you want me to GM it for you that's cool too. For now I'm keeping the missions rather straight forward, but as long as you accomplish the main task you can end the story however you like.
Happy Hunting!
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Queen of Stone
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