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 Aura Softcoat

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Aura Softcoat
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Character Profile
Name: Aura Softcoat
Race: Minotaur
Class: Cleric

PostSubject: Aura Softcoat   Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:59 am

Waga' sulevsada Slgi'ganega (In common her name is Aura Softcoat)
Age: 26
Race: Minotaur
Class: Cleric
Gender: Female
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 175
Religion: Vilthael Priestess with animist tendency
Personality: Quiet and demure, she is silent on approach and elegant in bearing. Generous, empathetic and congenial, though her traditional upbringing comes through with an love for wrestling, sparring and strong drink, she is never over boisterous or crass. Her luxurious coat and sunny coloring complements her azure eyes. Her soft accented speech  can rise with girlish excitement but she tries to be a proper representative of her Order. Somewhat scholarly; she is fascinated with old texts and history. She is exhilarated when at sea. She loves tarts and pies. She is a pious representative of her calling, having embraced fully her new inspiration. She was a kindly disposed and gentle person  suited to the tenets. She meditates  often in early dawn and eventide.
Background/History:  Sunchild Softcoat (literally:"Brightcow Silksoft" Is the seventh child and last daughter of her father,  a wily lesser noble that was productive in lucrative ventures.  In his effort to have a son, he went through 3 wives. Aura's mother was second and had 3 daughters before her death. She also was wheaten of color but solid. His final wife had a son, and no other child after. He had no small amount of notoriety  with such a large family among his people. But it was a curse as well. So many daughters to marry off without draining his heir's  future holdings. His wife was only too glad to 'sell" them off.  The youngest three decided to go  their grandmother for their last childhood years. Aura followed shamanic ways and was often in field in forest. She advanced in training as a Forester (Ranger) until  her late adolescence; when she met the Priest of Vilthael. On a Patrol she unwittingly stumbled on a nest of wyrms and was injured badly as well as poisoned. She was near delirious when she reached the road where a  A small cadre of Paladin with a Priest attending them passed. He immediately dismounted. The beautiful, ethereal light that she saw hazily  drawing to him was awe inspiring. His kindnesses  over the objections of one of the Leads, his seeing to her return safe to her home with grandmother.  Had her interest. She said as much before he left. He said if she was called (placing in her hand a silver token* to go to the Order. He gave her also a map. They then left as swiftly as they had appeared. One year later she made her decision. Her grandmother thought it unusual but wished her well and sent her with some assets.
She is small and somewhat thin for her kind. Her brute force could dispatch most  lesser warriors. But among her own kind she had to be a scrapper to make any impression. It made her overlooked often. Her mother also was slight though a normal height.
Roleplay Sample: (Aura stretched and walked out to the cistern to draw water for freshening. She could feel eyes on her back as some children held back in the shadows watched her. She smiled to herself and continued. She felt at her belt to be sure enough was on her person. "Oh my...  it is too bad I do not know where the Baker is in this town. I shall be so hungry and I really would have liked some bread. I'd pay 3 copper if someone would but fetch it" She toweled her face and drew drinking water into a pitcher. A tittering like seabirds and whispers before one louder tidbit  is snatched from the wind to her ear. ** "Oi say tis a real 'un.. a Minotaur but a girl. They has girls too , you know"*** The children excitedly hold one of their brethren; a full human, possibly  8 summers of their reckoning. Firery hair and mischief in eyes, he approaches as if to slay a dragon. "I can do That!" She tilts her head, chin in, having no eyebrow to raise. "Erm, Ma'um ..uh Milady" She rewards him with smile. "Very good, youngling. If you can get me a handbreadth of cheese I will pay extra: She hands him  a scarf with coins rolled in and ties it to his waist.. "make haste good sir, for I must be on my way soon""""" A chime later he returns with not only bread, but quarter round of cheese and some apples. "I barter'd a bit for you mu..Milady. You sent a good amount and I still have half" She is pleased and gives him a silver saying "Such honor and industry at your task deserves a bigger reward.. sir. ... what name is yours *he provides* Thoril. Now that you are in better fortune remember to share a little with someone in your town that can appreciate a small token" "The boy ecstatically runs off with the pack but she hears his voice in fading proclaim "I am gonna gifv 3 coppers to my mum and 2 to the widow Tess. Then we will go fer dainties!"  Aura nods in approval and gives her Goddess a small prayer before eating a small portion and storing rest in rucksack. Now where did she put that map? ) Edit: a transliteral typo

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Name: Parem'Zel
Race: Angelkin
Class: Warrior

PostSubject: Re: Aura Softcoat   Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:06 am

Approved. Love it!
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Aura Softcoat
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