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Character Profile
Name: Drakius
Race: Hybrid
Class: Paladin

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PostSubject: Drakius   Drakius EmptySun Sep 14, 2014 10:06 pm

Drakius Paladin_by_neoartcore-d6th824
Age: 27
Race: Hybrid (Half Human/Half Brute)
Class: Paladin (Dragon Rider)
Gender: Male
Height: 6"10
Weight: 175
Religion: Agnostic
Personality: Has a volatile temper, little knowledge in the arcane ways, and does not pity for others.
Background/History: The creation of an incident from a raid from an brute tribe. Born to a human female but sired by a brute warrior. Little did he know until the other brute children started to bully him.

Life was hard growing up, as he was rejected by many. All he ever wanted to do was become an honorable "human". It was the one day that everything changed.

It was a day as normal as all others but not for long... little did the brute know that a group of vengeful humans were invading the village. Along with this band of humans was a Drake Paladin, controlling Valsakir, a mighty dragon of considerable power. One minute it was peaceful; the next was complete armegeddon. Drakius, wanting to be finally accepted to the orc tribe, leapt on to the dragon and started to slash at its eyes. Suddenly, a phrase came into his mind, and he whispered them under his breath. That marked the end of the battle.

Immediately, the dragon stopped biting at Drakius and bowed down to him, making Drakius his master. That was the day Drakius became the Dragon Knight.
Roleplay Sample: "Another bloody battle won," thought Drakius, as he sat below a mountain pine. The battle was horrid; the screaming of dying children, the moans of the burning men. "It doesn't have to be this way," Drakius muttered to himself, "I could become an exile; but free from these horrendous battles."
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