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Character Profile
Name: Parem'Zel
Race: Angelkin
Class: Warrior

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PostSubject: Parem'Zel    Parem'Zel  EmptyTue Jul 22, 2014 2:49 pm

Parem'Zel  23830f4b224a82de1af76d2e07245b1e
Age: 35
Race: Angelkin
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs
Religion: Illuminism
Personality: Patient in life's struggles, compassionate to those who deserve it, strategic in thought, disciplined in combat, determined in mind and perceptive of the people and situations around him.
Background/History: Born to human parents in the city of dawn, Parem was chosen at birth to be the scion of an arch-angel. As an angelkin he grew quicker then the humans he grew up with. At twelve years of age he had reached maturity and had a full set of wings. Although smaller then the average Angelkin he towered over most of the human kids. His was adored by his friends and family. Always an upright man, good to everyone, taught by his mother and father to uphold the virtues of the Eternals.

At age forteen, a hill giant had entered the outskirts of his district and was causing chaos and destruction. With determination he grabbed his fathers sword and flew above the giant, severing its head with one clean slice. From then on he was celebrated in Overna. Given the nickname of "Giant Slayer" by his neighbors. After hearing of his great deeds and heroism, a wealthy general enrolled Parem in the "Academy of Crusade". Located deep in the wilderness of Arrow Mountains. For ten years afterwords he was trained in the art of the Crusadrem. The most elite warriors and paladins in the known world.

Over time he rose in rank, becoming a well established commander in the field. But when a family of shade were under threat of being captured, he granted them sanctuary out of compassion. Which eventually lead to the shade's execution and his banishment from the academy. Now as an ex-crusadrem warrior he travels from place to place seeking mercenary work and fighting for any cause he deems worthy. His great sword glathius at his side.
Parem's Great Sword Glathius:
Roleplay Sample:  The sun shone brightly over the fallen wilds as Parem stood with his back to a large bolder, his wings spread wide. A fully grown Manticore preparing to pounce. He only had a few seconds and he had to time it right. He unsheathed his sword Glathius, the same great sword he used during his time as a Crusadrem commander. The guild insignia carved on the handle of the blade. Parem swung in the beasts direction and it snarled angrily.

Then it jumped, just before it managed to tackle him, he fell flat to the ground. The Manticore flying straight into the rock head first behind him. It was knocked out cold. "Well, another job well done." He said out load to himself. It wasn't often that he found a fully grown manticore in the wild. but at least the nearby village will sleep soundly tonight knowing that it isn't stalking them anymore. To finish off the creature he walked over to its head and in a split second decapitated it. His hand almost invisible due to the speed of the strike.

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