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 And The Dreamer Dreamed Of Mutants

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PostSubject: And The Dreamer Dreamed Of Mutants   And The Dreamer Dreamed Of Mutants EmptyMon Jul 21, 2014 4:26 pm


- We are an all-inclusive, friendly hybrid sandbox/narrative site. 2-1-1 (Pg-13)
- We're always running board-wide story-lines and plot events.
- We allow you the freedom to explore your character(s) however you wish.
- There is no word count, or posting requirement.
- We have a unique application process for mutant characters, giving them a unique feel. This ain't the X-Men, bub!

The Dreamer, the reality warping mutant often accused of creating the Homo superior race, was found by RAF supply plane pilots in 1946, age 8, wandering the eastern Himalayas. Humanity didn't know what she was back then, but they wish they had.

Since then, she has barely aged at all, appearing at present somewhere in her late teens.

Professor Alvin Stein, tenured professor of genetics and Head of the Foundation, knows first-hand the untold damage she can cause when she decides to wake up.

The first time she woke, WWII. The second time, in 1971, his father was taken, ripped from existence, and the first Homo superior was born. The professor doesn't want to contemplate what could happen if she woke up a third time.

All of existence, the past, the present, the future, could well end. No more anything. Instead he's dedicated his life and all his resources to ensuring that never happens.

This is a world not of black and white morality, but of varying shades of grey where, while the existence of mutants is painfully obvious to the public, most world governments flat out refuse to comment.

Activists like the Chrysalis Movement want to change that, and build what they purport to be a "brighter future for all". Relying on the rule of the strongest voice and opinion, they have no true leader, only loud voices, and spokesmen. Though they are officially a peaceful movement, they count within their ranks known gangsters, criminals and at least one powerfully manipulative mind controlling mutant.

Meanwhile, the Foundation's classified team code-named "Alpha Squad" seek to protect those who need protecting, mutant or human. Secretive and working outside the law, they truly can do what needs to be done. Bodyguards, killers, assassins, ambassadors and superheroes; they are trained for every eventually ... in theory.

And all the while the average mutant is just trying to get by, hiding themselves from the disapproving often distrustful gaze of their human peers.
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And The Dreamer Dreamed Of Mutants
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