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 Pern Ruined: Nvaeden Weyr

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PostSubject: Pern Ruined: Nvaeden Weyr   Pern Ruined: Nvaeden Weyr EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 9:54 pm

The Dragonriders of Pern are in serious trouble. The Red Star gets closer with every passing moment, watching and waiting, almost taunting those who still know what danger it brings even a thousand turns after it was thought to be vanquished. This alone, with dragons out of practice, would be enough to cause panic; But with a religious split that occurred post-AIVAS causing dragons to have be hunted to near extinction, it is uncertain if the small number that remain will be able to protect themselves. Not even taking into consideration the rest of the now vastly populated planet.

And Pern's Overseer remains bent on the destruction of the dragonkin.

An olive branch, however, has been extended to recently-discovered mutations - if these new beasts fight for the Overseer against their "normal" brethren, and protect Pern from the deadly silver rain, he will leave them in peace. This has also been extended to a new race, the Kyriachi, who are dragonlike in size and Impression. Yet even if the Kyriachi and the mutated dragons joined the Overseer, would it really be enough? If the Kyriachi and the mutation dragons stay with their Weyr, will their chances of survival be any better? All dragonkin combined, there are less than fifty fighting beasts left on Pern, and any other survivors of the hunters are looking less and less likely.

To make matters worse for the people of Pern, one of the two Weyrling Dragon Queens has been lost Between. Not dead, but definitely lost with no way of telling where....or when she is.

And how will the Overlord react to the recent events at his favorite son's wedding to the Heiress of Fort Hold? With his son and new bride kidnapped by a Bronzerider, the Weyr is surely not going to be let off lightly. Even though the Overseer now has the clutch of a mutation dam and sire hardening on the Sands of Fort Temple, will that truly distract him for long?

Even with 18 brand new dragons having appeared in the sky, claiming that the missing Queen guided them here, there are less than 100 dragonkin on Pern. Threats spring from every angle, including from within.

What will become of Nvaedan Weyr?

    What we offer!
  • A Sandbox based plot, where the members have the potential to run plots and quite literally control where Pern will end up!
  • Leadership positions available! There is room for characters of any social status.
  • The introduction of Timing It to our game mechanic - what consequences will this have?
  • Various clutching flights have been scheduled, and one of our dragon Queens is expected to Rise on-screen in August!
  • We also have plenty of pet hatchings coming up!
  • Whers can/will be implemented if/when we have enough interest.
  • Canon dragons available for new or old members with no characters!
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Pern Ruined: Nvaeden Weyr
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