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 The Magic System

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PostSubject: The Magic System   Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:24 pm

Aerth, specifically the continent of Panthea, is a place where the use of magic is either respected, or feared, depending on your location. Therefore magic users such as sorcerers & mages are exceedingly rare to find. However those who do know the art of magic must understand the following:

The source of all good, light & elemental aligned magic.
The source of all evil, dark & demonic aligned magic.
Psychic abilities achieved through discipline of the mind.

Magic is a powerful thing, it can be casted in many ways such as spoken language, ritual, chanting, etc. The gift of magical ability is given at birth and reveals itself during maturity (excluding psionics). Those who seek to master this gift quickly learn that magic is not without consequence. It requires energy, some magic users have a higher tolerance for powerful magic then others. For example if a young pyromancer seeks to summon a giant fireball the size of a building, he will probably pass out from exhaustion, or die, either or. But if he goes smaller, decides to create a fireball the size of a small rock, there will not be as big of an energy drain. During gameplay, the types of magical feats you "attempt" to achieve will ultimately be approved or denied by the Game Master of that adventure.
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The Magic System
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