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 The Giant/Dragon War

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PostSubject: The Giant/Dragon War   Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:04 pm

There was once a time long ago when dragons roamed free among the skies, terrorizing and burning as they pleased. Until one day when everything changed. An isolated incident that triggered a world wide hunt of dragons. Who where the hunters? Giants, that's right, giants. You see, about a thousand years ago, a group of half a dozen young dragons dared to raid a Giant village. The result was the giants carving their hides to create impenetrable armor and their claws & teeth to make elemental grade swords. A hill giant chieftain named Gurad Nurl had just lost everything in this battle. As an act of defiance, Gurad swore to hunt all dragons to extinction. He gathered hundreds, even thousands of fellow dragon hunters (All Giants of course). They scoured the far edges of the globe slaughtering every dragon in sight. For over two hundred years they hunted them down. Until now... Only a few hundred or so dragons remain in the world, all in hiding. Although Gurad Nurl has been dead for hundreds of years, many giants still sing or and tells stories of the mighty Gurad Nurl, defender of giants & slayer of dragons.

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The Giant/Dragon War
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