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 Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire

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Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire Empty
PostSubject: Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire   Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire EmptySat Jul 12, 2014 9:30 pm

Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire 332370-bigthumbnail
The sprawling City State of Overna is the eldest of all nations in Panthea. But their time of glory passed them by over four-hundred years ago. In 3971 CT, a famous Overnan king named Iros Ebonii was tired of governing his tiny kingdom. King Iros desired power and control over the whole of the world. Therefor he declared war on the entire continent of Agartha. Establishing a draft for all males in his country who were capable of wielding a sword. Forcing them to join the army. A glorious army of over thirty-thousand men where unleashed upon the world.

The largest army ever created since the end of the last age, a number now broken 60 years ago when the tribes of Javoul united against Vaerm. The Overnan Empire was established and had dominion over the vast majority of modern continent for over a two hundred years. Through a series of rebellions and declarations of independence, the empire was dissolved in less then a decade. Leaving Overna a shattered version of its former glory. Many of the kings that followed Iros Ebonii made desperate attempts to take back the land they lost. But it was too late. The golden age of Overna had already come and gone.

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Rise & Fall of the Overnan Empire
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