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 The Five Ages

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PostSubject: The Five Ages   Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:04 pm

0-2650 AT (All Time)
A time when the seven primordial deities reigned supreme. An age where mortals were non existent and the world was both fresh & lifeless.

2651-6976 AT
A time tens of thousands of years ago when Uros the Primordial Lifegiver established the Sauran race as the sole intelligent species of Aerth. An age when the world was covered in a world wide jungle and massive reptilian creatures dominated the landscape.

7977-9,977 AT
The 3000 year war between the Primordials & Eternals. During which almost all life on the planet was driven to extinction. The Sauran race however managed to survive the divine conflict while Aerth endured one disaster after another.

9,978-19,283 AT
The Primordials surrendered and granted their children the Eternals their rightful place as rulers of the cosmos. For over eleven-thousand years, the world was recreated. The 1st dragons were seen taking to the skies. Giants ruled the earth & the 1st of the elder races of the 5th age came into being.

19,284-23,674 AT
(4390 CT (Current Time)

The birth of the 1st Human. The moment in time recognized by all races as the beginning of the current age. An age of adventure and uncertainty, where demons rebel against the gods and mortals simply live their day to day lives. Much of the history of the previous ages has since been forgotten. But there is just as many secrets to discovery. Welcome to the Age of Eternals.

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The Five Ages
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