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 Where is everybody?

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Aura Softcoat
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Where is everybody? Empty
PostSubject: Where is everybody?   Where is everybody? EmptyTue Oct 14, 2014 12:08 am

I have a few RL things I am tanking, some map making and a commission piece; but when I pause I notice chat is busy, not the boards. The RP campaign has no responses from the other party members. I know that  forum roleplay is convenient for  flexible response , but gee? MONTHS? scratch
So I am waving a light.. heloooo? anybody therrrre?

I hope everyone is well . Halloween approaches.. fun for me and my youngest..woot! And a fixit ticket to be done by Dec(*boooo hisss*)

I have started messing in Minecraft. More fun that I suspected... ^_^

Later ,
Ginger aka Aura Softcoat
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Where is everybody?
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