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 "Kitty" has claws... (Aura's childhood 1)

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"Kitty" has claws... (Aura's childhood 1) Empty
PostSubject: "Kitty" has claws... (Aura's childhood 1)   "Kitty" has claws... (Aura's childhood 1) EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 3:13 am

* When in human lands it was suggested on paperwork to enter her surname, she mistakenly assumed that surname first was how humans called one another. Her name was set that way and it wasn't important to her to fight.

:The last scuffle

Ganega* swung fruitlessly as the older child held her down for the rest to pick on. Worst of all it was an elder half sister.
" A half copper to pet the kitty, her coat is so silky, she must be a kitty simply changed by wizardly ways*tittering laugh*"
So angry she saw red even in haze of frustrated tears "Sa'quolade! You let me GO! Ruunikii... tell HER!"
"A unpleasant giggle "But you are such a pretty kitty!" Ruu was no help.

Leverage is what they had that was critical even more than weight. She studied every martial style she could to repair her situation. She was scuffed and her apron torn from original struggle. The mocking, violation of personal space, and hands touching her enraged her in impotent stress.
Shut down to stoic acceptance and everything a roaring in ear an older voice cam. An adolescent male of higher caste was passing by. His lips sneered with disgust.
"Hey , leave that freak alone. You bring dishonor to disable an opponent that was never your better! And to touch so freely is an offense that can cause calling out to the Justice! especially as she is heiferling!"

He is stern and they know if they don't disperse he may bring attention upon them. They reluctantly release their prey and disperse. She just stands.
"You should run along now. I can tell by your nose ring you have family. I cannot help but say if you are so odd you should not be without family near."

Looking at ground and regaining composure she murmurs with a savage bite in tone "Two of them WERE my half sisters... I am not as sturdy.. I could not break free. I read and watch sparring , but I am not allowed to lesson with the arms man."

He felt sorry for her. Skinny , delicate and small. He offered to show her a few things.'How old are you , can you go as far as the river bridge?"
He was surprised to learn she was as old as she was. He was to teach her a few moves his master was showing him that were a style from Kara-tur. he was a ruthless taskmaster as he had the patience of any teen. But whatever motivated him, his honor had him follow through. He did not teach her but five "important" rules. 1 dodge, 2 break frees and two throws. They were the ones he hoped she could use.
A season passed, another session of heckling was upon her. Another Pet the Kitty. I to had become a ritual for the bullying hearts to be one of those who Pet the kitty. The usual suspects, she was sent to market with her half sisters on their request. This time had a different ending. The younger but larger boy who was holding her got a surprise as suddenly he no longer had control. and when he rushed to grapple her, she threw him to floor and kicked his face before he could gain footing again. He squealed louder than she did when being tickled to death or subdued for a petting session. She punched , kicked and and gored, dodging and throwing.. staying well away from those with strength she knew of. Being smaller and lighter she ran and squeezed between two buildings after climbing a wall , something her slight weight and softer hoof could make possible when she was young. Her feet didn't harden until she was in her teens.
She was in bad condition but her older sister had a broken horn tip and two had their nose rings torn off and thrown to river.

It was the day that they realized even the smallest kitten has sharp claws and teeth. It didn't prevent words and disparagement as goat foot girl or kitty coat. But they no longer thought her an easy mark. Some gave her wide berth. She had some reprieve her final years in her father's house. Her 2 years younger brother coming home with missing nose ring and the sister with broken horn, at first were reflected on her badly. But the truth of her stoic perseverance came up once her father asked around. The "Pet the Kitty " game came to light and he was not happy. His wife had narrowed eyes and anger added to her cold civility after the incident. But In her father's eyes, it showed a weakness if she was able to best them, and weak character's for their behavior. He sent her that fall to visit her mothers kin while he smoothed things at home. This out her in writing contact with her aunt from that time forward which opened an escape. She as a bitter soul for her last years in the city but at least unmolested by ne'er do wells. And she decided she would be a Ranger so to leave the city far behind. every day that passed in the next seasons were those things which could qualify her to leave home. She became more bookish in her escapism and started effort to learn other languages, common and some other nearby languages of those who hired mercenaries, or traded in good.

There had to be place for her somewhere. She just had to find it.

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"Kitty" has claws... (Aura's childhood 1)
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